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Project Aqua

The "Aqua" Project captures in a narrative way the everyday life of people in a swimming pool, by presenting through creative approaches, the special moments and feelings experienced by the athletes once they touch the water. The artwork that consists the portfolio, illustrates the different artistic possibilities created by the  nature of the water, defies the rules and the limits of reality and shows a different perspective of the world of water.


The "Aqua" portfolio is the result of a long-lasting photographic project of Elli Agiannidi created with the aim of studying the separate images, emotions and the human interaction which occurs a special environment where water and its beneficial qualities dominate.

Part of this project has been presented successfully in a personal exhibition under the auspices of Alimos Municipality at the outdoor exhibition hall, located by the sea, of CineAlimos on May 19 - 27, 2019. Photos of this specific project have been published in articles on webpages about art and distinguished in international Instagram Hubs.

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