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Piraeus Aquatic

“PIRAEUS AQUATIC” exhibition, creates the possibility of a magical alternative universe by capturing breath-taking images of athlete's interaction.

How different would life be if we lived underwater? Visit the Piraeus Aquatic Exhibition to explore this enchanting possibility…

The Municipality of Piraeus and photographer Elli Agiannidi are hosting an exclusive photo exhibition "Piraeus Aquatic", as the inauguration of "Sea Days 2023" in the city of Piraeus, at the Piraeus Municipal Gallery.


Elli Agiannidi, captures narrative moments and emotions experienced by the athletes as they interact with water, yielding a different and unique perception of an alternative universe, and the possibility of what it would be like, to live there. The photos that make up the exhibition exude a distinct, enchanting underwater world, encompassing light, and vitality, and which offers peace and magic.


With the support of the Municipal Swimming Pool of Kastella, Elli collaborated with athletes from Andreas Garifallos, Olympiakos women's polo team, Marialena Remata's synchronised swimming, the Castella children's polo team and athletes from the National Polo team.


The exhibition runs between 26 May – 4 June at the Piraeus Municipal Art Gallery with free entrance.

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